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Depending on what type of bail bond you are posting, the bond premium may change; typically, the state or county premium is 10% of the bail bond. Read More
The the fact that it is legally obtained, the body's rapid metabolism of it, and the behavioral patterns of addicted offenders all make it difficult to assess, detect, and deter alcohol-involved offenders; that's where the #SCRAM monitor comes in. Read More
Let's suppose someone has a $3,000 bond; they must bring $3,000 to pay the cash bond. When going through a bondsman, you may only have to pay 10% of the bond ($300). Read More
The best way to start a bail bond in Florida is to find out a few things about the defendant, then call a licensed bail bondsmen to take it from there. Read More
If you are in jail, you will be brought to the court in the jail chain. You will not be brought to court on your own request but at the request of the court or the attorney representing you. Read More
Much of the paperwork for a bail bond can be done over the phone by utilizing fax and email. Read More
When a person posts a bond in full with cash, most of this money is returned to the depositor when the case is over. If a person pays a bail agent for posting a bail bond, this money is the agent's fee and is not returned. Read More
A secured bail bond is one where the bail agent takes something for collateral from a family member or friend, or sometimes from the person in jail. Read More
If you signed to get someone out of jail and you no longer want to be on that person's bond, you need to tell the bondsman you want the person returned to jail. You are relieved of any financial liability once the person is back in jail. Read More
A co-signer on a bail bond can be sued if no payment is made. Read More
If a bond has been formally revoked by the judge, you can call the jail to see if there is a new - probably higher - bond set. Read More
An accused person must post bail to maintain their freedom because a judge has determined that there needs to be a monetary amount pledged to the court to guarantee that arrested person's appearance at future court appearances. Read More
We are now licensed to provide bail bonds for over 30 counties throughout Florida. Read More