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What Happens If You Go to Court

If you are in jail, you will be brought to the court in the jail chain (inmates are brought to the courts in groups through secured access tunnels). You will not be brought to court on your own request but at the request of the court or the attorney representing you. In most courts, this occurs within two business days after your arrest. If you are not brought down to the court or notified that an attorney has been appointed to your case, then you should request the sheriff in the jail allow you to send a Form to the court. A form available to inmates in the jail, which allows them to contact the court directly without going through the regular mail procedures.

If you are set for a jury trial, you will be dressed out in the clothes you were booked into jail in. Family or friends may bring you proper street clothes for the trial (see discussion of proper clothes below). The clothes should be taken to the jail, and the sheriff will keep them there until needed or your attorney will be able to give them to you.

If you are on bond, you will be notified by mail ( at the address you gave the jail when you were released) as to which court your case has been assigned, the court date and the time you are to appear. On your court date, you should go directly to that court. Each court posts a docket sheet in front of the courtroom. The docket sheet lists the name of each person who has a court setting on any particular day.

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