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Alcohol Monitoring

Alcohol is the #1 drug of abuse for criminal offenders, and getting offenders sober has become the core focus of criminal justice programs throughout the country. While drugs are relatively easy to identify in periodic testing, alcohol poses unique challenges for both corrections and treatment professionals. The body's rapid metabolism of alcohol, the behavioral patterns of addicted offenders, and the fact that alcohol is legally obtained all make it difficult to assess, detect, and deter alcohol-involved offenders.

SCRAM Benefits

SCRAM CAM Provides Accountability and Encourages Compliance

Like a breathalyzer for the ankle, the SCRAM Continuous Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM CAM) bracelet provides 24/7 transdermal alcohol testing for hardcore drunk drivers, high-risk alcohol and domestic violence offenders. By automatically sampling the wearer’s perspiration every 30 minutes, the SCRAM CAM bracelet eliminates testing gaps and encourages accountability. SCRAM CAM not only supports sobriety but also results in higher compliance rates with court orders and increases community safety.

Continuous alcohol monitoring is proven to support long-term behavior change and complements treatment for alcohol dependence or addiction. In fact, SCRAM CAM helps more people achieve more Sober Days—a 24-hour period in which a monitored client has no confirmed consumption of alcohol and no confirmed attempt to tamper or circumvent testing.

SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring

How SCRAM CAM Tests Alcohol Through the Skin

When someone drinks alcohol, much of it is absorbed and metabolized in the body, but about 4% of it is excreted through the lungs and kidneys, and 1% through the skin in the form of insensible perspiration. SCRAM CAM tests that insensible perspiration using an electrochemical fuel cell by sampling the wearer’s sweat every 30 minutes. Watch the video below to learn more about how SCRAM Alcohol Monitoring works.

The Scram Cam System

The SCRAM CAM bracelet automatically transmits testing data to the SCRAM Wireless Base Station, where it is stored and uploaded to our online monitoring software, SCRAM Optix™. As soon as an alert is generated, our team of trained analysts review the event and report any violations to the supervising authority.


24/7 Monitoring Means No Missed Tests

Continuous, automated monitoring eliminates the opportunity to drink around test schedules.SCRAM CAM can also detect alcohol from environmental sources, providing courts with confidence in the accuracy of test results.

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