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Bail Bondsmen in Holt

All-Out Bail Bonds has been a dependable and affordable bail bondsmen for Holt and throughout Okaloosa County since 2014.

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Bail Bondsmen in Holt

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Top Rated Bail Bondsmen in Holt

The City of Holt

Holt is a city located in Okaloosa County, Florida.

There is 1 Zip Code in Holt

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Latitude: 30.72607

Longitude: -86.78242

Population: 2,931


Average Family Size: 3.19 people


Average Household Income: $75,795


Male: 53.1%

Female: 46.9%


Median Age: 44.2 years old

Under 10: 17.1%

10 - 19: 6.6%

20s: 12.0%

30s: 9.5%

40s: 17.9%

50s: 12.2%

60s: 13.9%

70s: 8.1%

Over 80: 2.7%

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