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Why should I use a bail bondsman instead of paying the cash bond?

Using a bondsman is typically the fastest and easiest way to get someone out of jail. Plus, by using a bondsman, it will require the least amount of money up front.

There are a few good reasons. First, when posting cash bonds, you must be present to do so. Most county jails do not take credit cards and you must use cash. So for instance, someone has a $3,000 bond. You must bring $3,000 in cash of your own money to give to the jail. When going through a bondsman, you may only have to pay $300 (10% of the bond). This is a great for most people because you do not have to tie up all of your cash money.

Some people have the misconception that if they choose cash bonds that after the case is disposed of, they will receive ALL of their money back. Maybe so, and maybe not... In Florida, the courts can take any court fees, costs, or fines that have been assessed during the case or as part of the disposition. When using a bonding agency, the courts are not able to use the bond money for these fees. You will be charged a premium, but that is all the fees you will have to pay. In addition, any collateral (cash or any other collateral) is returned in full.