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When is collateral returned?

If collateral is taken for the bail bond, it must be returned to the indemnitor within 21 days after the bail bond has been discharged in writing by the court.

With this said, just because the case was discharged that day in court does not mean that you can come get your collateral that day. The bail bond agency must receive FROM THE COURT a notice of discharge. Once we have received that notice, we will begin the return process.

If you were granted a payment plan for the bond and all payments have not been made, the collateral may not be able to be returned until all payments have been satisfied.

Usually after we have notification form the court and no other payments are due, we usually have the collateral back to you with in a few days. All cash collateral is keep in a separate account required by all licensed bail agents. Bail Bond agents are not allowed to use collateral for personal use at any time. All collateral taken must be reasonable in relation to the amount of the bond.