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How much is it to post a bail bond?

Depending on what type of bail bond you are posting, the bond premium may change; typically, the state or county premium is 10% of the bail bond.

However, that may change depending on the bond amounts and how many charges there are to post bond. For instance, if the bond is less than $1,000, the standard 10% does not apply. In Florida, there is a $100 minimum on bail bonds so if the bond was set at $750, the premium would be $100 — not $75. In some cases, there are more than one charge and is necessary to post more than one bail bond. Each charge in relation to it's bond will have to be treated individually.

Here is an Example

  • Charge 1 - Bond is set at $500.00, premium $100
  • Charge 2 - Bond is set at $1500.00, premium $150
  • Charge 3 - Bond is set at $1000.00, premium $100
  • In this case, the premium would be $350.00.

If you are wanted to post a Federal or Immigration bail bond, the standard premium is 15% due to the higher risk of the bond. All premiums are non-negotiable and set by the Florida Department of Financial Services. Any bail bondsman who says they can give you a lower rate is in violation of Florida Law and you should be careful when dealing with such companies.

Transfer Fees

In some cases, a bail bond must be transferred to a different county. This happens sometimes in smaller counties where full time bail bondsman are not available. The usual transfer fee is $100, but depending on the situation could be as much as $250. The transfer fee is rare, but is required in a few instances.